Another Update on the Foresta Fire

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Here’s the latest from the NPS on the fire in Foresta.

• The fire is 2,632 acres.
• Evacuations are still in effect for Foresta and Old El Portal. We hope to life the evacuations by mid-week.
• At 6:00 PM tonight, a Type 1 Fire Management Team, from Southern California, was given command of this fire. The fire is on both NPS lands and Stanislaus National Forest. Joint Unified Command has been established.
• As with any incident in our park, firefighter and public safety is our number one priority. We appreciate everyone’s assistance and concern with this priority.
• The Dark Hole (lightning strike) and El Portal Fires will be managed by the Type 1 team for efficiency.
• The Fire began in the community of El Portal at approximately 3:15 pm Saturday afternoon.
• Structures are threatened and there has been one structure lost in Foresta. Strike teams have been stationed at residences to protect these facilities at this time.
• Crane Flat and Yosemite Creek Campgrounds have been closed. Bridalveil Campground is being used for fire operations.
• The Big Oak Flat Road is closed between Crane Flat south to the Highway 140 Junction. This is a hard closure until further notice for the public, employees and residents.
• Tioga Pass Road, Hwy 41 and Hwy 140 remain open.
• Resources include: 4 Hot Shot Crews, 2 Dozers,5 Type 3 (Wildland Engine) Strike Teams
• Aircraft – fixed winged tankers and helicopters are being used during daylight hours. Those resources include 8 tankers, 6 helicopters and a DC10 (VLAT).

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