March Means Trout Season is Just Around the Corner

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Fish in the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne in Yosemite National Park can be small. Photo by Volker Neumann.

It’s March in California and a different type of madness has struck the local fishermen in the area. No not basketball but the new regulations are out.

The regulations books tell you when you can fish certain waters in California, how many fish you can keep (or can’t), whether or not barbless hooks are requires (almost always) and any other special conditions.

To fish in Yosemite you MUST pick up a book and be familiar with California Department of Fish and Game regulations. All waters in the state are patrolled and enforced by DFG personnel and they do issue fines.

This year all waters within Yosemite National Park open to fishing the last Saturday in April, the 25th by my calendar. There is a section from the park boundary on the Merced River down to the Foresta Bridge that is open to fishing right now but it’s really not that fishable.

You must also obtain a freshwater sport fishing license to fish in Yosemite. California residents can expect to pay $41.20 this year for their license. Non-residents can pick up a 10 day license for $41.20 or a two day license for $20.75. A one day sport fishing license is also available for $13.40. Residents can pick up a license through their favorite bait and tackle shop, Walmart, Longs Drugs and many other convenient locations. Non residents should visit the DFG Web site for a list of offices they can contact to obtain a license.

You can grab your copy of the new regulations by visiting or download the pdf directly here:

Photo by Volker Neumann via Flickr

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  • For folks interested in fishing in Yosemite – I believe licenses can also be purchased at the Village Sport Shop, located next to the Village Store/Grill.

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