Fly Fishing in and Around the Valley

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Reader Daniel writes in to ask:

I will be in Yosemite for a week in the beginning of July with my wife and daughter. We are staying in the Pines campgrounds. I am wondering if there are any spots worth trying for fly fishing in or near the Valley.

Well Daniel, there are lots of spots outside the Valley but most people overlook the most obvious one and it’s right under everyones nose, the Merced River.

The river is open to fishing in the Valley but you will need to get a California Freshwater Fishing License if you don’t have one. One of my favorite places is off Southside Drive at a turnout. There’s a shallow gravel bar and some deeper pocket water along the north bank.

If you don’t mind riding your bike or packing up the motorhome for a day trip head outside the park on 140 and pull over at one of the wide spots. The Merced in this section offers some great fishing and is often overlooked except by locals.

Good luck! Remember, catch and release and have a great trip.

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  • I never knew the Merced could be fished, I’ll have to try to find an excuse to head out there and check it out sometime.

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