Will my cell phone work in Yosemite Valley?

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Meredith wrote in with a good question:

I’m planning a trip to Yosemite in mid-April. I was just wondering if my cell phone will work in the valley.

Well the answer is a definite maybe. I have a GSM phone through Cingular and I can’t get signal after Groveland or Mariposa or Oakhurst. Non-GSM phones,if you have one from about 4 years ago and it still works, tend to work in the Valley and even some ways up the Tioga Road.

If you have a wifi enabled Palm or a laptop you’re in luck though, the Ahwahnee and Yosemite Lodge both have wifi now so you can always check your email.

Good luck and have a great trip.

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  • I have an older Motorola V60 on Cingular/ATT. I usually go to Yosemite from the Bay Area via 120. Coverage has improved over the past few years, but I generally lose the signal somewhere beyond Oakdale. I do pick it up occasionally between there and the part, including one section just before the turnoff to Tioga Pass.

    I get a good, reliable signal in Tuolumne Meadows – I understand there is a cell antenna there. I also get a signal in the Valley.

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