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A Reader Question About Cameras Along 120

| August 15, 2006

Karl, one of the longtime readers, writes in with a very interesting question: “Do you know anything about the video camera‘s lining 120? I only have seen them in Tuolumne, but that may because I only have been in Tuolumne. There are two in front of the store looking both directions, one in front of the campground exit, one taping people going into the campground, one in front of the entrance to the Tuolumne Lodge, one near the park entrance and one just outside the park entrance on Tioga Pass (which makes me think it is not the park service?)”

I’m gonna have to say I don’t, Karl. Although from the sound of it they’re for monitoring traffic. Now I’m going to have to go look to see what’s up. Anyone know anything about the cameras?

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