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Photo of the Day: iPhone atop Half Dome! by Min Liu

| October 30, 2007

Photo: An Apple iPhone atop Half Dome. Photo by Min Liu

Every-so-often I come a cross a photo in my search for Photo of the Day that makes me smile. Today’s Photo of the Day comes from Min Liu who took her Apple iPhone hiking with her to the top of Half Dome.

Min says: “I got full reception atop Half Dome in Yosemite “no reception” Valley. I snapped a few pictures and sent them off via e-mail!”

Well there’s one place we know the [iPhone] works. I still have yet to war-walk with mine to see where I can get reception and where I can get wifi. If you’ve tested your iPhone in Yosemite (Valley or otherwise) let me know. Send me an email or a comment where you got reception or wifi. I’m interested to find out.

Photo by Min Liu via Flickr.

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