So You Think The New Permit System is Going to Solve the Problems on Half Dome

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Whether you think the new permit system is too rigid or you think it’s the greatest idea since sliced bread, you need to watch the video as a hiker risks his own life for a cell phone battery he dropped.

It’s pretty apparent that the problem isn’t the amount of people climbing Half Dome, it’s the misinformation and hype that’s circulated over recent years that’s led people to believe it’s nothing more dangerous than a walk down Mainstreet USA in Disneyland. It’s not. It’s dangerous. People die for stupid crap like this. People die for NON-stupid crap. If you’ve never hiked this, do your research. This is a strenuous hike with a butt kicker of a climb up and down at the end. If you get hurt, you’re screwed. Help is a LONG ways away. The best thing you can take with you is your brain and common sense.

Video by Summitbaggers via Youtube

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12 commentsOn So You Think The New Permit System is Going to Solve the Problems on Half Dome

  • There always has to be one that isn’t thinking and that’s all it takes to create a disaster. So good to see that the majority of those making the trip were using their brain.

    Good post and great video.

  • Like the others have written, you can’t control STUPID, and that’s what that guy was showing those on the cable. I’ve been up there twice, when it wasn’t crowded, like it is now; and, when there was no permit system. As soon as Sunset magazine played it up, I told everyone that that’s the end of the way climbing Half Dome was going to be. It was going to get crowded and it surely has! Baddddd! My first time up, was with my oldest daughter–then 7-years old. My wife stayed at the bottom of the cable with our youngest–then 5-years of age–for we didn’t trust her. We had no problems and enjoyed everything about the valley and the view. I went back, a month later, to climb up there with an engineering friend, so…kind of odd in one year, to climb it twice, but I do miss that area. Love it, love it!

    In watching videos like this and the other videos that show how stupid, people can really be, no wonder there have been deaths up there. As for a new permit system, I haven’t seen it, but doubt whether that’s going to control being stupid! I wonder what they’re thinking when they take that big swan dive? Wow!

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