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Photo of the Day: Looking Back at 2009

| December 31, 2009

2009 was a great year in Yosemite as seen in all the beautiful photos we posted as Photo of the Day. Here are some of the photos from 2009 you thought were exceptional. Enjoy!

Photo by Charles Phillips.

Photo by Edie Howe-Byrne.

Photo by JohnB49.

Photo by Forrest P..

Photo of the Day: Insanity by Hamza Lakhani

Photo by Hamza Lakhani.

Photo of the Day: Sunset, Mount Conness and Lower Young Lake by G. Dan Mitchell

Photo by G. Dan Mitchell.

Photo of the Day: Sunset on Mt. Conness by Phil King

Photo by Phil King.

Photo by G. Dan Mitchell.

Photo of the Day: Glacier Point view, Yosemite National Park by Gary Denham

Photo by Gary Denham.

Photo by Jason Armstrong.

Photo of the Day: Contemplation upon the Reflection of Tioga Lake by Alan Grinberg

Photo by Alan Grinberg.

Photo of the Day: The Waterfalls of Our Dreams by David Giral

Photo by David Giral.

Photo of the Day: Yosemite - Memorial Day 2009 by joebakerdc

Photo by joebakerdc.

Photo of the Day: Mist Rainbow from Bridalveil Falls by Marc Crumpler

Photo by Marc Crumpler.

Photo of the Day: Flooding (May 2006) by FallenRain

Photo by FallenRain via Flickr.

Photo of the Day: Cathedral Range by Dave Miller

Photo by Dave Miller.

Photo by Old Red Hat.

Photo of the Day: Half Dome Sunset by Carl Sax via Yosemite Blog Flickr Group.

Photo by Carl Sax via Yosemite Blog Flickr Group.

Photo of the Day: On the Outside Looking In by Tony Immoos

Photo by Tony Immoos.

Photo of the Day: Walking On the Moon by Griff Joyce

Photo by Griff Joyce.

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