Photo of the Day: Bobcat by Chuck Cagara

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Photo: A bobcat stalks a deer. Photo by Chuck Cagara at

Today’s Photo of the Day comes to us from Chuck Cagara over at

Chuck said in his email: “I have seen this bobcat several times during the last month around Cook’s Meadow. It largely ignored me while intently on the prowl. Oddly, the only creature nearby (directly in the cat’s line-of-sight) was a browsing doe, which bolted when the cat drew nearer.

Given how well-fed Yosemite Bob ( or Bobbie) appears, it seemed highly unlikely that it would pursue a full-grown deer that wasn’t injured.”

Great shot Chuck! Thanks for sharing.

Oh! To shoot this Chuck used a LONG focal length lens so as not to disturb the animal as much as possible. PLEASE do not try to approach any of the animals in the park for a closeup. They are still wild creatures and even though deer with antlers look cool, more people have died from accidentally being gored by a deer antler than from rattlesnakes in the park.

So use a really long lens or compose the picture differently but don’t try to get right up next to the animal.

Photo by Chuck Cagara at

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