If It Were in Washington D.C. It’d Be National News

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Roughly 60 miles north of Yosemite, Valley Springs California has been the setting for as many as 14 sniper attacks in recent weeks. Fortunately no on has been hurt.

When 2 men went on a shooting spree up the interstate highways around Washington D.C. it was national news and on the front page of every paper. But in a small town about 60 miles north (as the crow flies) of Yosemite it hardly gets 4 paragraphs in the local paper.

Valley Springs, CA – The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department reports that another Valley Springs resident has reported being the victim of a random shooting.

A man says his vehicle was shot in the rear quarter panel while he was having dinner at the Fusion Grill. The shooting was reported this week, but actually occurred on December 30th.

The total number of random shootings over the recent weeks stands at 14. No injuries have been reported. Assisting the Sheriff’s Office in the investigation are the CHP, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. (MyMotherLode.com)

The suspect is shooting at homes and vehicles. A $5,000 reward has been offered for information related to the case. Contact the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department with information at 209-754-6500.

Valley Springs sits right on the Calaveras River, a great tail-water, where I traditionally spend the winter months fly fishing. Guess I won’t be going fishing anytime soon.

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2 commentsOn If It Were in Washington D.C. It’d Be National News

  • I think the difference is this:

    “Ten people were killed and three others critically injured” in DC

    Until someone is hurt the news, National or local does not care.

  • Thank you! I have been looking fo a house in valley Springs and come out about 2 times a week from the Bay Area..with my children..I didn’t even know this had been happening until well into January!! Thank god this guy hasn’t hurt anhyone..but he’s gotten close. Ihope they are close on his tail…or hers..you never know. But I have no postpone my house hunt..or look elsewhere till they catch him.

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