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The park has just release the summary document of the Feb 2008 User Capacity Symposium. It was held in the middle of winter and it took 7 months to publish the results? Oh well, they are excellent. One of the better reports I’ve seen from a government agency. 


Kudos to the Planning Branch for this great summary.  My guess is Mary Orton from The Mary Orton Company did them. She was the contracted facilitator. If you are hard-core, you know that there are too many humans using Yosemite. 130 people from around the country participated in the event including over 50 locals and members of the general public. The core PDF is 54 pages with many links to various talks given by experts from other parks and walks of life. Even 2 former Disney staff who did people load planning there. No earth shattering news, but the process is proceeding. I suggest you give it a read at bedtime. My only complaints are the lag time to get the report out, and a bigger one: I suggest they set up an on-line connection for people who cannot attend so they can listen in. Corporations do it all the time. 21st century stuff. My days of putting on snow-chains are over.  Plus many folks cannot get time off work to attend these types of meetings.


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