Moonrise, Black Friday, 2007

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No hostile crowds of determined shoppers, no angst over not having money to spend, no fistfights in the parking lot over a contested parking spot. No canned music, no screaming kids on Santa’s lap, no elves with attitudes, no tacky Christmas decorations. No strings of lights drooping, no eco-friendly LEDs, no shards of shattered glass balls. Just the lovely sky, patient Half Dome, and the eternal, timeless beauty of Yosemite. It was the perfect kick-off to my holiday season.

Photo by Edie Howe via Flickr.

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One commentOn Moonrise, Black Friday, 2007

  • Edie:
    Thank you for that great shot of the full moon over Half Dome. I was hoping someone would catch it as I’ve been checking it out at the YA webcam daily. It’s great that you are able to share these beautiful shots and stories with us. Thanks for the adventure story, too, on Thanksgiving day. Or should I say “mis-adventure!” It was a fun story to read! Hope all is well with your tire, and that company pays for the expense to fix your tire & wheel. Anyway, I give thanks to all of you at the blog, and anytime you can get together to take a photo of yourselves in an awesome location…I’d love to see your faces!

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