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Public Scoping for El Portal Road Reconstruction Begins

| November 16, 2006

Public scoping is now open on repairs the National Park Service hopes to make to the much degregated El Portal Road.

NPS: “Yosemite National Park is announcing public scoping in preparation of the El Portal Road Reconstruction – Pohono Bridge to the Big Oak Flat Road Intersection Project. This project will be accompanied by an Environmental Assessment (EA) that analyzes the environmental effects of a range of project alternatives.

The El Portal Road is a park road that begins at the western Yosemite National Park boundary. It begins at the eastern end of California State Highway 140 and continues 7.5 miles east to the Pohono Bridge. The initial approach to this repair contemplated a one mile road segment, often referred to as ‘Segment D.’ This planned approach would have studied optimum design for the intersection at Big Oak Flat Road, and road portions east of the severely damaged area.

However, in response to the recent ruling by the Eastern District Court, which directs the National Park Service to prepare a new comprehensive management plan for the Merced River, only those portions of the road that are at imminent risk of failure will be addressed at this time. This area has undergone five emergency repairs since 1997, but a complete reconstruction is needed so that the road can withstand future high water events.”

For more information on the project you can visit the NPS Planning site at

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  1. Tim Jagoe says:

    Safety is the number one responsibility for any government agency. When a decision is made the lifetime of the project is the essence of wise budgeting. I would always rely on National Park Service representatives, engineers and lovers of the jewel Yosemite than decisions made by robed book dependant individuals in wood lined arenas cooled by air conditioning rather than a mountain breeze.