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One of the things I like about writing a blog is the ability to get feedback from the readers. That’s why when I started receiving emails and comments about this months poll, “Do you think a new route should be devised for the rock-slide-prone Highway 140?”, I thought I’d give you all room to say-what-you-have-to-say and present ideas. After all, you never know who might be reading this blog.

Now, me personally, I’m in favor of an alternative route. In fact most people know that I’m in favor of replacing the road with a light rail system into El Portal (call it kind of a nostalgia thing for the old Yosemite Rail Road). Thoughts? Don’t be shy.

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  • I like your suggestion of renewing some sort of rail route into the Valley – perhaps something like a monorail to reduce the ground footprint?

    Except for the unfortunate effects on the town of Mariposa – which might be ameliorated by the rail access – there aren’t too many people for whom the Hiway 140 route is the most direct one. 120 is faster coming from the Bay Area and northern areas of the Central Valley and the southern entrance makes more sense if you are coming from that direction.


  • Glenn Williams

    I would think a lightrail from Mariposa to El Portal (and beyond?) would be an excellent thing for Mariposa. Since the staging would need to be there in town, it gives local businesses more opportunity to serve the customers who need to transfer there.

    I think real alternatives (alternatives with vision) is the right way to go here. Think of how cool it would be to lightrail to the valley. All the vistas you miss when driving now would be there for you.

    I’ve always enjoyed alternative ways into the park and have had great long vacations there without a car. Between the YARTS/VIA bus systems and the DNC-run hiker’s buses, I don’t have any problem getting where I want to go. (And I don’t have to pay gas or deal with traffic, either!)

  • Exactly what I was thinking, Dan. A monorail would be able to be suspended above the old road bed and impact nature less as well as be safe from most flooding. I’m sure it could start somewhere like Merced or Manteca or Modesto and make stops along the way.

  • As an aside to your nostalgia for a railroad –
    the film “Color of A Brisk and Leaping Day” stars Michael Sipe (REM) as a young entrepreneur who takes over the dilapidated Yosemite Valley Railroad between Merced and El Portal after WW II and tries to revive it.

    Wonderful, moody film. Rent it!

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