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The Modesto Bee: “STAYING SAFE

Yosemite National Park rangers offer the following safety tips for hikers:

BEFORE YOU LEAVE — Tell someone exactly where you’re going, the route you’re taking and when you’ll be back.

“SITUATIONAL AWARENESS” — Analyze the weather and trail conditions before you leave, always be cautious, and understand that the conditions may force a change in plans.

PROPER EQUIPMENT — Wear hiking boots, not flip-flops or sandals. Bring a flashlight, even on a day hike. Bring a mirror so you can signal for help if you get lost.

WATER — Drink plenty of bottled water, or bring a water filter or water purification tablets.

SWIMMING — Do not swim in areas where swimming is not allowed. “The signs are there for a reason,” ranger Adrienne Freeman said.

KNOW YOUR LIMITS — If you haven’t been hiking in a year, if you’re out of shape and overweight, do not attempt a hike that your body might not allow you to complete. At least two people have died in the park from heart attacks this year, rangers said.

IF YOU GET LOST — Stay where you are, and let searchers come to you.”

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