Tenaya Lodge Rolls Red Carpet for Rover

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When my wife and I went on our honeymoon, part of which took place in Yosemite, we missed our puppy terribly. Well now you can visit Yosemite and now worry about your pooch. No more kennels, your confidant in canine form can sleep right there on the bed with you.

Yahoo! Business News: “Once upon a time, before pet travel had its own magazines, shows and Websites, Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite welcomed dogs.
Operational issues at the ‘dawn’ of pet travel required Tenaya to put the policy on hold for a time. Now, by overwhelming popular demand, Tenaya Lodge’s doors are once again open for ‘man’s best friend.’

Tenaya’s ‘Canine Companion’ accommodations are available year-round for a per-stay fee of $75 in addition to the nightly room rate. A complimentary doggie chew stick, dog biscuits, ‘poop scoop’ disposable mitts, use of a water bowl and plush dog bed, and Tenaya’s Canine Concierge guide are included in the fee. The fee also covers special cleaning and maintenance needs to ensure rooms stay sparkling for pets and hotel guests.”

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