Photo of the Day: Reflections of Summer by Sathish Jothikumar

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Here’s a great photo Sathish (aka Satosphere on Flickr) added to the Yosemite Blog Group Pool on Flickr.

Sathish said: “A few weeks ago, I embarked on a journey of trying to successfully catalog, tag and apply location metadata to all my images. A daunting task, considering that I had over 10000 RAW images that I planned to go through. During this task, I also wanted to weed out some bad-quality images as well as rate and categorize the RAW files.

Over the past month, I poured through hundreds of images, and now, I stand at 60% completed. (Surprisingly, all of that was just photos taken in California!). While it may seem like a rather boring task, I actually found it enjoyable. It enabled me to discover hitherto hidden images that I had forgotten about completely. By rating images, I hope to now find such gems more easily.

This is one such image. While backpacking in the summer at Yosemite’s Young Lakes. Apart from hiking in lush green gorgeous meadows, bristing pine forests and high alpine lakes surrounded by granite peaks, the thing that comes foremost to mind are the mosquitoes, and one of the best sunrises I had seen. The mosquitoes were bad, the hike through a raging cascade, even more worse. But thankfully, that momentous sunrise lighting up the layers of clouds behind Mt Conness, reflecting its vibrant colors on the lake below, has been forever etched into memory.”

It really is quite beautiful on black.

Nice work, Sathish. Thanks for sharing your photos with us on the group pool.

As always everyone is invited to check out and contribute to the Yosemite Blog Group on Flickr. You never know, your photo might be the next Photo of the Day.

Photo by Sathish Jothikumar.

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