Going High Tech on the Big Meadow Fire

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Today’s modern Army rolls on the backs of satellite communications and high tech reconaissance. Likewise today’s modern fire commander has at his disposal some of the top thermal imaging equipment to help pinpoint potential problems, hotspots, spot fires and gauge the size of the fire.

Here’s a thermal imaging map from the USFS (Forest Service) take last night around midnight and overlayed in Google Earth. Pretty cool.

If you’ve got Google Earth installed and you’d like to check out the fire information yourself you can download the KML file from http://nirops.fs.fed.us/.

Don’t expect anything spectacular, it’s exactly what you see above.

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2 commentsOn Going High Tech on the Big Meadow Fire

  • This looks much better than a couple of days ago when there was hot spots around most of the perimeter.


    Thank you for the consistent updating. I have a friend in Foresta, nice to know what is going on.

  • i could care less about your high tech satellite cameras. What about the low tech decision to start this costly, hazardous to our health fire.

    I understand the decision maker would make the same decision again, given the same set of facts. That guy has to be an idiot or just incompetent to make such a statement.

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