A penny for your thoughts*

In Local, Outside the Park


What do you think of the gas prices in El Portal? Too low, too high, just right, fair and balanced, or what? El Portal is pretty remote, after all.

Note to corporate oil folks — maybe it’s time to drop the 9/10th of a cent thing. Just round up the $4.29 and 9/10th of a cent to $4.30. Think outside the box — you’ll make an extra 1/10th of a cent on every gallon! PR Bonus — donate those extra pennies to a good cause, like Mariposa Habitat for Humanity, for example.

* “A penny for your thoughts” is only a figure of speech. No actual pennies, or fractions of pennies, will be paid for comments. This fictional post is for entertainment purposes only. Please don’t sue. Thanks.

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3 commentsOn A penny for your thoughts*

  • Sue me, instead. There’s a word for this sort of pricing, and it’s not pretty: Gouging.

    I have never, EVER bought gas at this station, and NEVER will. Midpines is on the same delivery route, and according to the owner of the one gas station there, they pay the same price per gallon as these folks do. You won’t see prices like this in Midpines.

    Not afraid to call it as she sees it.

  • I’ve never used the Shell station at El Portal so I don’t know what else, if anything, they sell as opposed to the station in Midpines.

    If El Portal sells only gasoline (and no other high-margin goodies) I am guessing they do a relatively low volume – perhaps to nervous tourists or locals who need to top off in an emergency.

    If that is the case I can see why they have such a high price relative to other locations.

    Not defending, just trying to understand the local market.

  • I wrote intitially and made typo in email. Sorry.

    I have a long time friend who retired from Shell Oil at 55. He lives in Texas and came to Yosemite to visit and saw El Portal station.
    He did not ‘get it’ either but was inclined to have similar statement as your Chuck comment above.

    My friend took a photo of the prices and since I am a ‘regular’ to the park, I photo the sign and email to him 4 or 5 times a year. He takes said photos to the golf course to show his complaining buddies so they will calm them down. They, in Houstin, are always at least a dollar or more behind El Portal. Plus they are well below California in general.

    We gas up at Mariposa Shell or at Vons in Oakhurst.

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