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Since I arrived in Yosemite 2 and a half years ago, I’ve paid particular attention to as a source of information and inspiration for prospective images. There are several Flickr members that inspire me; Paige Falk, Buck Forester, G Dan Mitchell to name a few. It was Buck’s image of Temple Crag that lead me up the North Fork of Big Pine Creek to camp on an outcropping of rock 50′ above the frigid glacial waters of Second Lake in the John Muir Wilderness. Here’s one of my images from that trip;


G. Dan Mitchell inspired me to trek up to Monitor Pass to shoot aspens; Here is one of my endeavors;

Hope Valley Aspens

I’ll admit to a bit of New England elitism when it comes to autumn color. While the color of the aspens in the Sierra Nevada ain’t a patch on Sugar Maples in Vermont, it’ll do in a pinch. But the Sierra Nevada has the While Mountains over a barrel when it comes to stunning peaks.

Finally, Paige Falk has inspired me to traipse into the upper reaches of the Sierra Nevada to shoot Precipice Lake on the High Sierra Trail.

You’ll note that I haven’t included a shot of my own of this incredible lake; I haven’t gone yet. I’m currently researching the High Sierra Trail, and trying to make plans for next summer.

So, for all you folks out there that backpack into wilderness to take photos, how do you choose where to go? Do you simply choose a trail and take photographic pot luck? Tell your secrets to finding great pictures in the comments!

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