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Moses writes in to ask:

I have a one year old infant. I want to come to yosemite during spring break april 5-10th
the only thing i could get inside the park is curry village april 7-10 staying in a tent with a heater.
Do you think it will be warm enough for a baby? I don’t know how warm these tents stay at night when it gets below freezing he has never been out in temps under 60 degrees.

Thanks for the email, Moses. I myself have been camping since the right early age of 6 months and started taking my son about the same age. The tents do get pretty cold at night but unless you can get a room at one of the hotels it sounds about your best option.

If you’re dead set on going be sure to rap your baby well and take extra blankets. You’ll definitely want to put something over his head and ears to keep his core temperature up. It’s also important to put blankets under him to prevent loss of heat through his back.

It’s not uncommon for babies to have issues with their ears when entering the park. Giving them a bottle on the drive up or a pacifier helps their ears to adjust to the changing altitude. Keep in mind that if the tent gets too cold your car won’t necessarily be any warmer. Even with the heater running the windows suck the ambient heat from your vehicle. Head inside one of the hotel foyers if it’s too cold.

Good luck. Have a great trip and be safe.

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One commentOn Baby Camping In April

  • 😉 If you’ll forgive the giggle- might want to WRAP the baby well, instead of ‘rapping’ him. (he might cry too much, spoil the fun.)

    People used to snuggle the baby in the bed with themselves to keep the core temperature up. You can FEEL how warm he is then, and your body heat will keep him toasty warm. Just don’t roll over on him, though.

    Hope you folks have a great vacation!

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