Waiting For the Firefall

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Originally uploaded by Ambitious Wench.

If you’re an avid photographer then you’re probably familiar with Galen Rowell’s famous Firefall photo. Every February right about this time the sun is just right in the early evening to cast a read glow on a small waterfall on El Capitans eastern buttress causing it to turn a marvelous red color. If you’re in the area hang out until sunset and see if you can get a good shot. There should me a little more water flowing after this weekends storm.

Kudos to Edie for this beautiful shot.

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  • I love Edie’s photography! I have a print of hers hanging in my office.

  • Steve, thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m flattered.

    FYI, the light starts and stops between 5 and 5:30-ish right now. It tends to dwindle and then come back, so stay for a while.

    Even clouds don’t alway impede the show–the sunlight sneaks in under the clouds.


  • What a fantastic picture; just perfectly timed. I love these kinds of shots!
    “Summit Stones & Adventure Musings”

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