Photo of the Day: Half Dome and Yosemite Chapel by Loyd Schutte

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half dome and yosemite chapel loyd schutte

Half Dome and Yosemite Chapel

If you’ve been wondering why we haven’t done a Photo of the Day in a while the honest answer is, there aren’t always photos to share. Well, that’s a half-truth really. Let me explain. When I choose Photo of the Day I usually look in the Creative Commons licensed photos or the Yosemite Blog Group Pool on Flickr (I still love Flickr no matter what’s been done to it recently, and I think it’s a great way to share photos). Unfortunately, there aren’t always photos to share. Sometimes during the winter months I’ll see 1 picture posted to the group pool. Or all the pictures licensed Creative Commons will be of a tree or someone’s foot (believe me, I’ve seen it). Let’s get to the point.

I want to bring Photo of the Day back. But, I need your help to do it. I want to share YOUR photos. I want to see what you found exciting or interesting. I want to see Yosemite as YOU saw it. Help me bring back Photo of the Day.

There are so many ways you can share your photos with us. You can:

  • Submit your photo to the Yosemite Blog Group Pool on Flickr.
  • Or, tag it with #yosemiteblog on Flickr.
  • Or, email me your photo (600px wide @ 72dpi works best please).
  • Email me a link to a photo you’re sharing in your Dropbox account (please don’t invite me to share a folder, that’d be too many folders I’d have shared with people).
  • Send me a link to a photo on your personal website.
  • Send me a link to a photo on our Facebook page or even post it on the wall.
  • Direct message me a link on Twitter.
  • Send the photo via

Anyway you can get me the link or the photo works. Just remember, by sending or posting the photo you’re giving me permission to share it on the blog. All photos are ALWAYS attributed to whoever took it and if I can, I’ll link back to your site or photostream (so send that if you email me). I’m a photographer too and I like getting credit for my work.

Speaking of which, today’s Photo of the Day, the first in a LONG, LONG time, is mine. Yup, it’s one of my beautiful shots.

Thanks for listening and being a loyal fan of Yosemite Blog.

Photo by Loyd Schutte via Flickr.

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