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Click to see video of Yosemite Falls.

Preferring a still camera I don’t really find myself shooting video much but last trip to Yosemite I spent a little time doodling with my video camera. I thought the video had came out awful judging by the appearance on the view screen but it turns out it actually came out ok. Here’s some video of upper Yosemite Falls in full flow. It’s a little large at 16:9 and the wind is horrendous so turn your sound down.


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  • If you take a small piece of open cell foam (cut the foam cover off an old pair of earphones and trim to the right size)and tape it over the microphone opening on your camera (use double sided tape and make it large enough that the tape doesn’t cover the actual mike opening) you will eliminate that wind sound. Without the foam it’s like blowing across the top of a bottle … a little air movement over that microphone opening on your video camera will sound like a hurricane. With the foam you get all the sounds you want (like that little bird chirping or water cascading over the rocks) without the distraction of the whistling wind blowing like a hurricane. I leave mine on my video camera all the time and my finished footage is much better.

  • Hey that’s an awesome idea Karen! Kind of like a pop filter on a microphone.

    Thanks for the tip.

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