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Road Closed
Hi everyone.

It can be a hassle when you’re driving, but the closure of Northside Drive opens up a big part of the valley for car-less, quiet stuff like hiking, snowshoeing, etc. No noise from speeding Hummers, massive RV’s, or bikers on chopped Hogs.

The animals seem to like it, too – they walk down the middle of the road like they own the place.

Update — the road is closed to everyone due to rockfall danger. The river trails and other areas away from the cliffs are open and are quiet as a vole.

NPS — Northside Drive will remain closed until further notice due to the 12/18 rockfall. The rockfall, located west of Camp 4, was first heard at around 1600 but anecdotal reports indicate that there was continued activity into the night. The area is currently being monitored by park staff. Southside Drive will continue to be accessible for inbound and outbound traffic.
Please call 209/372-0200 for updated road conditions.

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