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High Sierra Camps To Remain Closed. Tioga Pass Opens Friday.

| June 21, 2005

An inside source has revealed that High Sierra camps will not be opening this year due to the very high snow pack. In agreement with NPS at Yosemite, they (DNC) have decided that it would not be financially feasible because the infrastructure required to open camps would not be in place until late August, and 3 weeks more before they would be in condition to accept guests.

The Tuolumne Lodge and White Wolf will open as planned, as well as the retail efforts. Tioga Pass is set to open this Friday, conditions permitting.

This is the first time I can remember the high sierra camps not opening.

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  1. High Sierra Camps To Remain Closed. Tioga Pass Opens Friday

    From “yosemite blog” comes some news about Tioga Road.