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Lots and Lots of Water

| May 23, 2005

Here’s an article from the Manteca Bulletin that gives a pretty good description what it’s like in Yosemite right now.

Manteca Bulletin: “Avoiding Yosemite Valley on Memorial Day weekend has been standard advice for years.
It is when the tourist season officially starts with a crush of Bay Area folks joining visitors from around the world who start flocking to John Muir’s beloved crown jewel of the Sierra and make exploring the valley floor about as much fun as joining the shopping crowds at 6 o’clock the morning after Thanksgiving.

But you might want to rethink embracing such wisdom at least this year.

Late snowfall combined with warm spring rain a week ago has turned every trail to a waterfall in the park into sets for wannabe Fred Astaires. And its not a light rain either.

A hundred feet from the observation platform at the edge of Bridalveil Fall into a torrential downpour of heavy rain from the powerful spray. The 620-foot drop that usually combines with wind this time of year to send a delicate mist to tickle the face of those near the observation rail is anything but delicate.

The last 50 feet of the asphalt path is a mini-stream. The closer you get to the observation deck, the deeper it gets. The final dozen feet to the deck’s concrete is literally flowing with water past the ankles of drenched hikers. The water pelting those who brave reaching the deck is more like baptism by bucket after bucket after bucket.”

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  1. NewMexiKen says:

    I suppose the Manteca Bulletin meant Gene Kelly, but a good article anyway. Unlike Yosemite’s waterfalls, the floods in northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado are horizontal, but the snow is melting very quickly everywhere.