Spend Eternity In Yosemite

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How much do you love Yosemite? Do you love it enough that you want it to be your final resting place?

If you’ve ever thought about being cremated and having your ashes spread over the National Park then here’s some news, you can.

The NPS regularly grants permission to those who wish to scatter cremated remains within Yosemite National Park.

There are a few stipulations, however.

National Park Service:

  • All such activity must be done out of sight of any public access, such as roads, trails, parking areas, etc.;
  • All such activity must be at least 100 yards from any watercourse;
  • Cremains must be spread over an area large enough that no single portion is accumulated in one place.

To receive permission send a letter to Special Park Uses, National Park Sercive, P.O. Box 700-W, El Portal, CA 95318.

Remember, since Yosemite National Park falls within the boundaries of the State of California, you will also need to get permission from the state to dispose of the cremated remains.

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