A Night at the Yosemite Bug

A Night at the Yosemite Bug (A YosemiteBlog.com Exclusive)
by Ashley Richards

When I learned that I was going to be staying at the Yosemite Bug for a wedding I was attending in Mariposa, I was quite intrigued. With that name, I was not sure what to expect. When we first drove up into the parking lot, I was did not know what to think. There are lower and upper parking lots with one way roads leading to them. The “cabins” are spread out over the hill with stairs leading up to them. We got up to our room and I absolutely fell in love with it! It was the perfect room for us to have. The décor was very much my taste. It had antique beds, nightstands and dressers. The bedding was in gorgeous reds, golds and greens. Apparently, all the rooms at the Bug are in different themes. I got a peek into the room next door to us and it was in a very psychedelic 60’s theme. Some friends of ours had a room there also; their room looked like it was right off of the prairie. I think that the themed rooms are a fun aspect of the Bug because you never know what you are going to get!

During my two night stay, I spent quite a bit of time in their lovely café. The food that they serve is very fresh and scrumptious. The greek salad that I had for dinner was fantastic and the caramel drizzled cheesecake was divine. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the café. You can either sit at their tables with a fantastic view of the trees and hillside, or you can sit on their couches and feel like you’re in someone’s living room. After the wedding, a few of us went there to just relax and have a few drinks. It was a great time to relax and talk about our wonderfully chaotic day.

On our second night there, it got rather cold in the room so it would have been nice to have a couple of extra blankets. Other than that, I would say that my experience at the Yosemite Bug was a great one. There are no televisions in the rooms, so I would say bring a book! If you forget one, they have an entertaining Yosemite Bug guide available in the rooms. I had quite a few laughs while reading it. The Yosemite Bug also has other options for staying there. They had tent cabins and some other cabins with shared bathrooms. They have a hostel kitchen for those that choose to go that route. What they have that I wish I would have had time to take part of is their spa. There are massages available for what I considered to be a decent price. All in all, the Bug is a place that I would be more than willing to stay at again.

For more information on The Yosemite Bug check out yosemitebug.com

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