Working in Yosemite

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to actually work in a National Park much less one as popular as Yosemite? Have you thought to yourself how exciting and adventurous it would be to live and work in the Valley, watching the sun rise and set everyday in the grandeur of Yosemite?

Working in Yosemite is a collection of articles from people who have worked in the park and their experiences.

Life in Yosemite by TB

“I worked in Yosemite for a short time in April of 2000 as a tour guide. It was my plan to work that summer from April to September. Actually I never got past the training phase and decided it was not for me but that should not in any way influence your decision. I have been going to the park for years and years and after I retired I thought it might be nice to work there for a few months. I responded to the ad in “Yosemite Magazine” and received a call from the gentleman who was, at the time responsible for the Valley Floor Tram tour guides and schedules. He wanted to know if I was serious about a tour guide position and I assured him I was. I felt I may be qualified for the position because of my knowledge of the park along with the fact I had been a professional broadcaster for 45 years and had a lot of amateur theater experience along with a good knowledge of European languages. We talked for a few minutes and I quickly realized he was auditioning me to see if I could carry on an intelligent conversation and how my voice sounded. I apparently impressed him because he asked me how soon I could be there. I told him two weeks and so we made arrangements.” Read more

Life with Edie

I found myself, at the age of 45, at a time in my life when I was free of encumberances. I had been living in New England for 16 years, far away from California where I had grown up. Single, unemployeed, my son grown and all my pets had passed on. I was helping a friend open a bookstore in Uxbridge, MA. One day she turned to me and said “Edie, have you ever thought of working in a National Park?” Read More

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