High Water Poses Danger Even When You Think It’s Safe

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Merced River Yosemite Valley

This years snow pack is well above normal and we’re really happy to have had so much rain and snow. But it also means that as temperatures heat up, and they’ve been really hot of late, that all that runoff from the melting snow has to go somewhere.

This year the melting snow has turned normally quiet creeks and streams into raging torrents. River crossings that have traditionally been safe (and even the bridges) pose hazards. The Tioga Road which has been plowed all the way through is still closed due to runoff. The Mist Trail is extremely wet and slippery as are the rocks along the Merced River. Already this year there have been numerous drownings and reports of people slipping into the river and being swept away. It’s been a pretty busy year for Search and Rescue already and mostly it’s body recoveries.

I urge everyone to use extreme caution while hiking. Trails are super wet and slippery. Creek and stream crossings are raging torrents or super cold water and impassible. Even if you manage to make it across the water is so cold hypothermia is quick to set in and poses a serious danger. Play it safe this year. Your life isn’t worth a few photos on Instagram or Snapchat.

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  • Hi,
    Could you please tell me if the water is still unsafe to go in? We will be visiting the week of July 16th, and am curious if we will be able to tube & play in the river.
    Thanks so much!!

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