The Shores of Polly Dome Lake by Sean Arbabi

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The Shores of Polly Dome Lake by Sean Arbabi

We’ve been posting a lot of information about the Rim Fire and we haven’t really done a Photo of the Day in a while but I think this shot from Sean Arbabi more than makes up for the lack of POTD’s.

This is one of those photos you have to view large to get the full beauty of the shot. Love it.

Great shot, Sean! Thanks for sharing.

Be sure to check out Sean’s breathtaking work over on his website and see if you recognize any of his photos from magazines or books.

Photo by Sean Arbabi

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4 commentsOn The Shores of Polly Dome Lake by Sean Arbabi

  • Thanks for the post and compliments Loyd – ironically this image was captured the day the fire began.

    We drove past the fire Sunday August 18th on the way back to the Bay Area, assuming it would be under control a few hours later. Really sad to see so many affected and so much of the land and trees burned. I hope the fire wasn’t too hot as to kill so many trees but I have a feeling it was due to it’s enormous size.

    Thanks again- sending good thoughts to all the crews fighting the fires and hope we return to a high snowfall year this winter to help in the recovery process of the land.

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