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William Neill's Livingroom Gallery
Above: William Neill’s beautiful work in his living room gallery.

Sometimes learning in a group has the advantage that others will think of questions or get into situations to learn that you normally wouldn’t. But sometimes you just need a little one-on-one. Good friend William Neill just announced he’ll be doing some private, one-on-one workshops this summer. This is your chance to get hands-on instruction with one of the contemporary masters of photography.

Come join William Neill, author and photographer of William Neill’s Yosemite Volume One, and photographer of Yosemite: The Promise of Wildness for a private workshop in Yosemite National Park. William is also a long-time contributor to Outdoor Photographer magazine for the past 15 years in his regular On Landscape column. He has lived in or next to the park for 35 years, and he will share with you his extensive knowledge, experience and philosophy on photography and Yosemite. William is know for his unique imagery of the park.

“Your session with me will be personalized for your individual needs, whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. The focus will be on developing your personal perspective with instruction on both technique as well as how to develop your vision as an artist.

I worked at The Ansel Adams Gallery as staff photographer for five years while Ansel was alive, during which time I was strongly influenced by Ansel and the photographers surrounding him. I will share stories from knowing Ansel, and other inspirational photographers that guide my photographs.”

Available locations include Yosemite Valley, the Yosemite High Country along the Tioga Pass area, as well as Glacier Point and the Mariposa Grove, or the Oakhurst/Bass Lake area. Trips into the field will be planned for the best possible lighting and weather, while considering seasonal issues such as storms (or lack of!), or road closures. Your opportunities will be maximized. Depending on the weather and lighting, mid-day time will be used for downloading image files, review and critiques of new photos, and technique assessments.

Field sessions can be combined with Neill’s One-On-One Private Studio Sessions, which can include sessions following or prior to field sessions.

Prices start around $600 for a one day field session with critiques but it’s well worth it for the chance to work with Bill.

For more information and to check out Bill’s website click here.

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