Celebrate National Park Week and Get in Free

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Did you know National Park Week is this month? What’s that mean for you? Did you read the title of this post? It’s FREE entry to the park. Visit any National Park April 21st through April 29th, 2012 for FREE! Ok wait, that’s a whole week. A whole week you can visit Yosemite for free? Wow! Of course you know this is only the entrance fee that is being waved. Campground fees, hotel rates, the $15 bottle of water (I jest, it’s only $14.99), the $6.99 per gallon gas (I wish that were a joke) you’re going to buy as you leave the park, those you all have to pay for. But still, you save $20! So c’mon, lets go have a hootenanny!

Photo by Wallyish via the Yosemite Blog Group Pool on Flickr.

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