Thinking about celebrating Easter Sunday in Yosemite? Better read this.

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If you’re thinking about celebrating Easter Sunday in Yosemite I’m going to warn you now, it’s crowded. I mean, REALLY crowded. Parking lots, picnic areas, trails, the Village…packed. The roads become parking lots and it gets nasty. It once took me 45 minutes to go from Camp Curry to Yosemite Village. 45 MINUTES!!!

It gets so bad, people who work in the park LEAVE THE PARK.

My best advice is this, stay home Easter Sunday. Hide the eggs in your back yard. Enjoy some quality time playing with your kids rather than fuming in the car at other drivers.

If you’re thinking about coming up the Saturday before Easter you’re golden. Saturday is always awesome and there’s a lot less people. It’s a great day to visit the park. But Easter Sunday, always a nightmare.

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  • We left Midpines at 9am on Easter Sunday, 8 April 2012. We arrived at the park entrance 30 minutes later. There were five autos waiting for entrance. At 10 am we parked at the trailhead. There was a handful of cars. We had a pleasant walk to Mirror Lake where we encountered ten people. After a leisurely walk back to the car we drove to the visitor center arriving at 12 noon. There was plenty of parking and few people. The weather was about 70 degrees and sunny. We brunched at the Awahnee, again no crowds. We got back to the visitor center at 3pm and drove out of the park. There was no traffic leaving and we made it back to Midpines in less than 45 minutes. Thanks for the warning. I think it kept everyone else away so that we were able to enjoy the park all to ourselves!

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