Edie Live Twitters a Rescue on El Cap

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yosar rescuer victim el cap december 2010 edie howe

A climber airlifted to safety from El Cap by YOSAR. Photo by Edie Howe.

We’ve all seen those events where Engadget and or TUAW live blogs an Apple event. Edie Howe happened to be out shooting yesterday and did one better, she [live twittered[(http://twitter.com/edie_howe)] the rescue of an injured climber from El Capitan.

Just before noon yesterday Edie was alerted by the sound of helicopters to a possible SAR (search and rescue) and headed out with her ipad and camera to catch the action. Here’s the stream:

Edie: On site el cap meadow top down rescue in progress.

Edie: Lowering haul bag

Edie: Climbers on portaledge to left of zodiac circle, tangerine trip route.

Edie: Weather is building, storm forecast for tonight. Rescuers have time to reach climber

Edie: Climbers have stowed portaledge

Edie: Cage has reached portaledge

Edie: Climber is being put in cage/basket

Edie: 3 helos involved.

Edie: Coming down

Edie: repositioning for clearer view

Edie: According to SAR Zach fm climber dislodged rocks struck on head & shoulder

Edie: Basket nearing trees

Edie: Victim near talus slope

Edie: Out of view due to trees at top of talus slope

Edie: CHP will airlift from top of talus slope

Edie: Rescue complete! Bravo Zulu all hands!

Awesome stuff, Edie!

Photo by Edie Howe.

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  • My pleasure Loyd. It was actually Zach of the YOSAR team that alerted me in the Lodge Food Court; The climber is a park employee, and a friend of our park videographer, Steve Bumbardner (@yosemitesteve). I had the pleasure of meeting two of the three helo pilots on the meadow, as well as all the NPS folks. Even the portapotty haulers!

    All the best,

  • Howdy this is Sarah the injured climber. A pretty big rock flake hit me while on lead as most know by now. My ct scan revealed a broken transverse process in my L3 apparently the rock just bruised and cut me up and my harness broke my back. Feeling extremely grateful these are my only injuries!! Thank for the photos and updates.

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