Nope. No malware.

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I’ve received a couple of emails and messages from people who are still getting Google’s red malware warning screen. Above I’ve posted a screenshot from Google showing Yosemite Blog isn’t hosting any malware. What you’re seeing is most likely the cached warning message from August. If you refresh the warning page goes away. If the warning was real the warning page would persist until you checked the checkbox and clicked the “proceed anyway” button.

So how do you get rid of it? Clear your browsers cache. Clear the cookies. If you’re using a bookmark check to see what page that bookmark goes to and send me a copy of the link so I can look into it.

Thank you everyone who sent me a message. If you get a malware warning let me know. I check the site frequently to make sure everything is still secure but my best line of defense is by readers letting me know when something is amiss.

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