Got an HD TV and an Apple TV? Check Out Yosemite Nature Notes

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A few months ago we happened to be walking through a store and saw a 42” LCD HD-TV at a fabulous price. I mean a FABULOUS price. We’d been a one TV household for so long I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to be able to sit down and watch a movie on something other than a computer. So we jumped on the HD bandwagon. We watched a few movies but since I don’t even want to get started building a collection of blue ray discs, most of what we were watching wasn’t taking advantage of the HD ability of the TV. Until we got the new Apple TV that is.

Apple TV is nice because it allows you to watch anything from iTunes on your TV. But it also allows you to watch anything from YouTube on your TV (FREE) and that’s where I found the most beautiful HD video I’d ever seen on TV, Yosemite Nature Notes.

Yosemite Nature Notes Snow

You would not BELIEVE how beautiful Yosemite Nature Notes looks on a large HD TV. The images are so sharp and detailed, the vistas so beautiful your jaw will drop. It makes you want to just drop everything and go to Yosemite.

If you’ve got an Apple TV I highly recommend checking out Yosemite Nature Notes.

Simply go to the main menu and select Internet. Then the second option down is YouTube. Go to Search and search for Yosemite Nature Notes. My favorite is Episode 5: Snow.

Thank you to YosemiteSteve and everyone at Yosemite Nature Notes for the beautiful videos. You keep making them, we’ll keep watching them.

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  • Thank Loyd! Glad you’re enjoying the Hi-Def!

    Episode 5: Snow is my favorite, too.


  • To be sure the video is playing in Hi-Def, check the bottom right of the playback window. If it shows 720p, it’s in HD, but if it shows something else, like 480p, you need to click on that to bring up a menu that allows you to change to 720p. All these videos are great, but my favorite is episode 3 – Wilderness.

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