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2007 webcam shot of storm over Tioga Pass

A 2007 webcam capture showing late September snow in Tioga Pass. Captured by outdoorPDK.

Highway 120 through Tioga Pass has closed due to inclement weather. Highway 108 through Sonora Pass has also closed due. No scheduled time for reopening has been posted. The road could be closed until after this storm passes Wednesday or Thursday.

Visitors wishing to go bypass 108 and 120 can take Highway 88, Highway 50 and I-80 over the Sierra which are currently still open.

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7 commentsOn BREAKING NEWS: Tioga Pass CLOSED!

  • It was a crazy night last night in Mariposa. I estimated that we received over 50 lightning strikes in close proximity to our house per minute for over an hour.

    Today it looks like winter in the Central Valley: cold, overcast and gloomy and occasionally foggy.

    It’ll be nice to get back to mountain fall weather in a few days.

  • What do you think the chances are of getting through Tioga Pass without chains in two weeks?

  • My guess is that as soon as this storm passes, everything will melt and dry up and you won’t even be able to tell that we had this early fall storm.

    Once we reach November, though, all bets are off.

  • Hi, we have planed to cross Tioga Pass next wednesday on motorcycles? Do you think the weather will allow us to do so? We wanted to go to Yosemite via Tioga and then a day later over Ebbett pass down to Lake Tahoe.

    Thank You

    • It really depends on how much snow it gets tonight. It’s 1:00pm now and it’s still snowing and raining with another wave of rain showing up on doppler radar to the west. I’m going to guess and say Friday at best. If you have an internet connection you can check the conditions of 120 by visiting: and entering 120 in the form field.

      Highway 108 is the next available crossing point to the north and it’s lower but it’s closed also. Highway 4, Ebbetts Pass, is also closed at this time.

  • Hello,

    we want to drive from SF to Vegas, starting November 1st. Off course we want to see Yosemite. If Tioga is closed, what do you suggest? How can we stay informed about a (upcoming) closure of the Tioga pass?
    Thank you!

    • Jan, I am doing the same thing a week before. I have found that searching Twitter for “Tioga Pass” is the best real time information source. This blog and the site are also good resources, in addition to the Caltrans road condition site.

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