Photo of the Day: Flashlights on Half Dome by Tony Immoos

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Flashlights on Half Dome by Tony Immoos

Hikers make the trek to the top of Half Dome in the predawn light.

Tony Immoos sent me a link to this really cool photo he took from Olmsted Point the other morning just before the sun came up. I’ll let Tony tell you about it in his own words.

I was at Glacier Point Saturday night with Jennifer Franklin (jentwo) and her parents till about 1:30ish watching for meteors, when they left I then drove to Tioga road not really having a plan. Somewhere along the way I thought of a shot to try at Olmsted Point at sunrise so I stopped there to get a little bit of sleep before the sun rose. At about 5:25 I woke to see the sky getting brighter and sat up to look at Half Dome, much to my surprise I could see the flashlights from pre-dawn climbers on the top and on the cable route of the rock.

I quickly set up my camera gear hoping to capture the moment even though it was nearly dark and focus would be nearly impossible. I aimed my vehicle at Half Dome and started flashing the headlights hoping to get a response from the climbers which I did almost immediately. I’m not 100% sure the people on top flashed back but the person that was on the cables definitely saw me and flashed his/her light in return.

Definitely check out the photo full size and check out the rest of Tony’s awesome photos on Flickr.

Awesome shot, Tony.

Photo by Tony Immoos.

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