This is Yosemite? Seriously?

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We’ve all seen those really bad Photoshopped photos where the shark is eating the man or Lindsay Lohan is missing a leg. In my opinion they hold no candle to this wonderfully Photoshopped image of the waterfalls in Yosemite that was part of a press release by the Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce trying to attract visitors to the area.

To the Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce: If you guys want to hire a good graphic designer I am available. Call me (209) 846-2112.

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11 commentsOn This is Yosemite? Seriously?

  • LOL, what’s really funny is the itty bitty Bridalveil Falls next to the onslaught of that other thing. Run from the flood!

  • Seriously? I find it kind of insulting on Yosemite’s behalf!

  • Wow. This is tacky. Such rubbish is better suited for amusement parks. Oakhurst CC, I’m disappointed. Is this blog alone not enough of a collection of spectacular, true, photos of Yosemite and all it’s grandeur? Of all the places on earth that don’t need photoshopping to attract people, Yose is #1.
    Seriously, send that kid back to community college graphics school.

  • Honest. It looked exactly like that, I’ve got the RAW file to prove it.


  • Is the septic tank system at Bridalveil campground overflowing again?

  • With falls like those two, I think it is time to just turn off the spigot on Bridal Veil. (You can barely see it in the background anyway…)

  • The real question is, where do all the tourists fit?

  • HAHAHAHA that is one bad Photoshop job. Looks like those two waterfalls have more water then the entire park’s water features combined, yet no mist at the bottom? Hmmm…

  • That is hilarious – it’s not even to scale. The waterfalls are huge compared to the mountains in the background.

  • BTW, That fall on the left is now the tallest in the world! Approximately 3,600′. Whoo Hooo!

  • Well…it didn’t look like that when we visited!

    I just wonder why on Earth would they NEED to use a photoshopped image?! Surely they could have got any number of images that were fantastic without having to resort to that.

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