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Normally when I’m looking for a Photo of the Day one of the first places I look is the Yosemite Blog Group on Flickr. There’s always amazingly beautiful photos in the group pool. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all the people posting those photos, the members of the Yosemite Blog Group.

These guys are a who’s who of great Yosemite photographers and yet they add their beautiful photos to the pool for everyone to share. We’ve got Gary Crabbe, Nathan Eaton, G. Dan Mitchell, William Neill (yes, his work is in the Ansel Adams Gallery), Jason Armstrong, Taylor Davis, Christopher Chan, Tony Immoos, Steven Bourelle, Edie Howe-Byrne, Brian Ernst (aka Buck Forester), Rober Pearce, Neil Kronberg and over 100 more awesome photographers!

Anyone can join the Yosemite Blog Group on Flickr and anyone can add their photos no matter what their skill level. Flickr is a free service (if you don’t mind seeing a few ads) provided by Yahoo! so there’s no cost to join if you’re not already a member.

A previous Photo of the Day and a favorite of many in the Yosemite Blog Group Pool on Flickr. Photo by Neil Kronberg.

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  • A few comments on this post are in order, I think:

    First, thanks for mentioning me in that list of some very fine, sensitive, and productive Yosemite photographers. 🙂

    Second, thanks for the call-out to that group on Flickr. Lots of wonderful photography flows through that group… and through your web site.

    Third, what stunning cloud formations in today’s picture of the day! I don’t think I’ve seen quite that effect before.


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