High Sierra Camp Applications Now Available

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Tent cabins at the High Sierra Camps offer shelter from the wind and rain without having to lug a heavy tent yourself. Photo by Steve Ryan.

If you’ve been thinking about spending the night at one of the High Sierra Camps you’re in luck, applications for Summer 2010 lottery will be accepted online until November 1st.

Anyone submitting their application by the November 1 deadline will receive notification 30 to 60 days faster than in previous years. The new online reservations system allows DNC’s central reservation office to process applications quicker, and return confirmations more rapidly than before.

Any canceled space will be filled by a second round lottery using applications which were not awarded during the first round. Any available space not awarded during those first two rounds will be filled by phone inquiries on a first come, first served basis beginning February 9, 2010, nearly two full months earlier than this year’s April 1 date.

For more information on the High Sierra Camps, the drawing for spaces or an application visit: http://www.yosemitepark.com/Accommodations_HighSierra_HowtoApply.aspx

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One commentOn High Sierra Camp Applications Now Available

  • I just returned from my first time at the High Sierra camps and I must say I would highly recommend them. At first I thought they were a little “pricey” but now I think they are a bargain. The food is incredible. The staff is helpful, friendly and basically just plain awesome. The tent cabins weren’t fancy but very comfortable. There’s nothing like hiking all day and arriving into camp to find a bed, a hot shower (available at 3 of the 5 camps), a hot delicious meal and other friendly campers ready to share their hiking stories and recommendations and listen to yours!

    We shared a tent with another couple on two of the nights and this turned out to be a great way to meet and make new friends. Our other 3 nights we had a “2-person” tent all to ourselves. There’s no guarantees but they try to keep parties together. I think most of the camps have “2-person”, “4-person” and “6-person” tents. So you may get something different each night.

    My recommendation (if you have the time) is to stay 2 nights at each camp (even if it means only doing some of the camps and leaving the others for another trip). That gives you a day to rest, take in some day hikes in the area of the camp and to enjoy the camp itself.

    Each camp has a staff of about 8 or 9 people there to not only serve your needs but also these folks regularly hike back and forth between the camps and around the camps and are a wealth of information regarding the area. Everything (every fresh peach, blueberry pancake or plate of ravioli is originally brought in by mule. Savor that cold fresh cantaloupe … and remember it was brought in for you on the back of a mule over that same steep rocky trail that you came in on. Believe me, a cantaloupe never tasted so sweet! Same goes for the firewood (for the wood burning stove in your tent), every tank of propane (for refrigeration and cooking)… well, basically EVERYTHING! Yes, the camps are a real bargain for what you receive.

    There’s been “talk” about closing the camps. Don’t know how serious the “talk” is or if it’s the kind of talk that’s been going on for years. But I’d recommend taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity while you can as one never knows what the future will bring.

    Now’s the time to plan for next year …. ENJOY!

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