Photo of the Day: Yosemite – Memorial Day 2009 by joebakerdc

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Photo of the Day: Yosemite - Memorial Day 2009 by joebakerdc

I wasn’t really sure I was going to post a Photo of the Day today because I couldn’t find anything that really hit me, then I came across this awesome photo from last weekend by joebakerdc on Flickr. Everytime I look at it I keep thinking to mysel, “Holy crap! That’s one awesome photo.”

Nice shot, joebakerdc.

Photo by joebakerdc.

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2 commentsOn Photo of the Day: Yosemite – Memorial Day 2009 by joebakerdc

  • Ok, I’m dense. Why is this photo so awesome?

    • When I look at a photo I look for things like composition, color saturation, dark values, light values, and clarity among other things. In the composition of the photo the rocks in the foreground anchor the photo creating the illustion of depth in a 2d image. If you put your hand over the rocks you’ll notice the photo seems kind of flat and boring. In the image the depth of field is sharp from the rocks in the foreground to the mountain peaks miles away in background. Notice the darks values in the rocks, they’re black and natural looking. The lights in the clouds light, yet they still have shape, form, texture and detail. They’re not blown out. If you look at the color notice the sky is brilliant blue and the snow sharp white where it’s in the sun, yet at the same time the rocks are warm and inviting in the sunlight. They’re not unnaturally saturated blue. Overall the photo has “pop”. There’s enough contrast and depth in the subject matter to really make it stand out. The clouds and the rocks in the foreground seem to almost point to the middle of the photo leading your eye in.

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