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Gloria Garrett called and left this message on the Yosemite Blog tip line.

“Hi this is Gloria Garrett and I’m not sure if you’re the person who is responsible for picking the Photo of the Day but if you are I was calling to say thank you because you chose my picture for the May 6, 2009 Photo of the Day. I raise money through the sale of my prints for different wilderness wildlife conservation groups as well as educational support programs and it is driven a few people to my website. I really appreciate it so very much so i hope you’re having a beautiful day and thank you again.”

Thanks for the feedback, Gloria. Glad we could help. Your photos are very, very beautiful.

If you haven’t seen Gloria’s photos yet then I recommend highly heading over to her site ( and having a look around. She has some really exquisite and beautiful photos. And, should you decide to purchase a print, you’re helping out some great organizations. Here’s an awesome shot of a baby gorilla she took.

Africa Rwanda Baby Gorilla by Gloria Garrett available at

It’s a great cause and you get a beautiful print in return.

By the way, if you’ve never called our tip line then you should. You can ask questions, pass information along to us or just make a comment. It’s very popular among the 2-4 year old crowd who dial the number when Mommy isn’t looking. Service is provided by Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) so if you leave a message it goes to my email (sometimes the only way to reach me). Give us a call. The number is: (209) 846-2112.

Thanks again, Gloria.

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