Rockfall above Curry Village this morning

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As Loyd mentioned, yes, there was a rockfall yesterday above Curry Village.  I’m uploading yesterday’s pics to flickr, will post link to slideshow here shortly.  I am fine.  Yes, there was ANOTHER rockfall this morning shortly before 7.  I was at my computer in my bathrobe and slippers, and felt the earthquake.  *Then* I heard the rumble.  Just returned from Curry with pictures, offloading them now, will have them on Flickr shortly.  I heard reports of three injuries–one a ten year old boy who was hit on the head and treated locally.  Helicopter inspected the breakaway area yesterday and this morning.  


Lots of damage to tents–heard a story of some restoration contract workers being moved from their tents last night;  They refused because they didn’t feel safe.  The tents they’d been assigned to were completely destroyed this morning.  They had been re-reassigned to tents further away.  


Tents 81, 82, 83 were obliterated.  Sorry, no pictures, they wouldn’t let me back there.  


Christine Loberg stopped by my room last night, told me that she’d been conducting a class, and one of her students managed to get shots of yesterday of the entire rockfall as it happened.  


More info as I get it, and stay tuned for pictures!  Go to for images!

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