Spend a Day With a Pro Photographer and Get Free Schwag

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Everyone knows Scott Bourne who was a frequent quest on Mac Break Weekly during the iPhone announcements and most know he’s a professional photographer who has moved into the realm of podcasting. Well Scott is having a really cool contest and the prize is your chance to photograph a national park (Yosemite of course!) with a professional photographer. You also get some cool schwag.

Photrade.com: The Aperture Nature Photography Workshops at Olympic, Tetons, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks will take four groups of professional and amateur photographers to America’s most scenic destinations to make spectacular images while learning how to get the most out of Apple professional photo editing application, Aperture.

Beginning in September 24-27, 2008, a group of four professional photographers will be joined by four amateur photographers at Grand Tetons National Park for unparalleled photo opportunities, followed by first-hand instruction in Apple Aperture by a team of Apple-certified Aperture trainers.
Our amateurs are going to be paired up with some of the greatest nature photographers in the country. This offers a very rare one-on-one learning experience that offers them a chance to see how the pros really do it.

This event will be repeated every three months, another group of four pros, and four amateurs will meet in a different national park to continue the project until all four parks, Olympic, Tetons, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks have been photographed.

In each location, our lucky amateurs will be working alongside established professionals. They’ll learn how the pros approach, pre-visualize, compose, expose and shoot each image.

The collective works of the photographers involved will be included in a new book published by Peachpit Press, with some proceeds going to a photographic charity.

Top pros will join amateurs who attend by virtue of being selected in a nationwide contest. Each photographer, professional and amateur will spend time in the field shooting as well as time in the classroom using Aperture to sort, keyword, rate, edit and share their work.

Our marketing partners will provide special thank you gifts to each photographer. Each photographer on this trip will receive:
From Apple, a copy of Aperture 2.1
From Lensbabies, a free Lensbaby lens
From Peachpit Press, $500 worth of photography-related books
From Data Robotics, a free Drobo
From ThinkTank Photo, a free Rotation 360 backback
From lynda.com, a free one-year Premium subscription to the lynda.com training library
Sponsorship: This Week in Photography (TWIP)

For more information on sponsorship, the contest or anything else connected with the workshops you can contact:
Scott Bourne
Bourne Media Group
P.O. Box 1114
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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