NPS Officials Want to Cut Down Trees so Tourists Can See Better

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Tunnel view, Yosemite by Amy

The National Park Service has released their plan for overhauling the Tunnel View Overlook, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the park, but some of the ideas presented may not be that popular with locals including removing trees so visitors can see better.

Hanford Sentinel: “The proposed $2.3 million plan would expand public viewing areas and cut down trees obscuring the breathtaking vistas at Tunnel View, a wide spot in the road about two miles west of Yosemite Valley.

Since photographer Ansel Adams shot ‘Clearing Winter Storm’ from Tunnel View in the early 1940s, the celebrated spot at one end of the Wawona Tunnel has been considered a classic image of the American West.

Park managers said cutting down 20 Ponderosa pines and other trees, installing new interpretive signs and improving traffic safety would boost visitors’ experience of the park. They hope to fund the plan in partnership with the San Francisco-based nonprofit Yosemite Fund, said park spokesman Scott Gediman.”

Public Review of the Environmental Assessment opens Wednesday October 3, 2007, and closes Friday November 2, 2007 with a public meeting to discuss the changes taking place Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at the Yosemite Valley visitors center.

For more information on how you can comment or about the proposed changes visit the park’s website at

Photo by Amy via Flickr.

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6 commentsOn NPS Officials Want to Cut Down Trees so Tourists Can See Better

  • What next? Blowing up mountains because it’s blocking their view of Half Dome? Bears on leashes for the bus full of camera wielding tourists? I think someone is missing the point of Yosemite being a “natural” place.

  • I’m glad to hear this. There are several diseased trees at tunnel view that obscure the panorama. Photo spots are limited, and it’s elbow to elbow and tripod vs, tripod all too often.

  • Holy smokes! Are they nuts! This is the view! This is why they came! This is tunnelview! Please, please, please, don’t cut down those trees to apease the masses! It’s sooooooooooo wrong!

  • This is insane and goes against the reason why National Parks were established. The original intent of the National Park system was to preserve the lands designated as close to their natural state as possible unless it poses a safety risk. Unless I am mistaken, trees blocking a view are in no way a safety hazard to visitors.

  • I feel like yes and not. I just was standing there the other day, and I though that some trees are blocking the view or do not look good in photos. If they are note maintained, people soon will clime on thing or the slope above the tunnel to get that desired shot. And then it will become a safety reason.

  • Charlie in Ohio

    Nature in the foreground make for great photos–the trees give it scale. If you don’t like it, move over 10 feet! If the angles not right, maybe we should cut your legs off!

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