Special Guest Jon Shannon Answers Reader Questions About 8-9 Day Backpacking Trip

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David Johnson sent in an email asking about ideas for a longer trip with a bunch of boy scouts. Here’s the email David sent in:

I saw your Yosemite blog on the net and thought I would drop an email for feedback on a trip we have planned in August of this year with a small group of experienced boy scout backpackers.

I’m looking for ideas for a Sierra trek that gives us an opportunity to hike parts of the JMT and PCT in the Yosemite area, maybe including Mt. Whitney. We have already put in for the lottery for Mt. Whitney and now are just waiting like everyone else.
We are looking to put together a 60 to 70 miler for a 8 or 9 day duration.

Any suggestions or favorites that you can share?

To answer David’s email I called in the help of Yosemite trail guru, and author of the Hiking Guide to Yosemite National Park DVD, Jon Shannon.

Jon Shannon: Here’s the trip I’d recommend, and I guarantee that it would astound each and every one of them.

Start at Agnew Meadow and go to Garnet, Thousand Island Lake on the JMT/PCT. Go over Donohue Pass and through Lyell Canyon to Tuolumne Meadows and (leaving the JMT) on to Glen Aulin Waterfall. Head back to Tuolumne Meadows and now there are two choices to Yosemite Valley (the two featured in the DVD). 1) take the JMT to Long Meadow, and depart from it to go by Sunrise Lakes..and if the boys are up to it – over Clouds Rest, then to Little Yosemite Valley and finally to Yosemite Valley. 2) Head to Vogelsang either via the Rafferty Creek Trail, or going back up Lyell Canyon to the trail to Evelyn Lake, Vogelsang. Then go over Vogelsang Peak to Merced Lake, on to LYV and YV. Either way, if they had time, a day-hike from LYV to Half Dome would be memorable.

Personally, I think the route over Vogelsang is more bang for the buck, but they would be backtracking a little more. Now you have me salivating 🙂

When in Yosemite Valley take the boys for some pizza on the Pizza Deck in Curry Village :). If this trip failed to be a life-changing experience for them they’re hopeless :). I hope they have a great time, whatever they chose.

Good luck, David and have a great trip!

For more information on the Hiking Guide to Yosemite National Park DVD be sure to check out Jon’s site, yosemitetrailsdvd.com.

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