Michael Frye’s Top 10 Photos of 2011

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Michael Frye has posted a link to his Top 10 Images of 2011 and my what a beautiful collection it is.

The votes are in, and here are my top ten photographs for 2011 as chosen by you, the readers!

The response was truly extraordinary. 225 people looked through my initial selection of 41 images and posted their picks here on the blog, on Facebook, Google+, and by email. My deepest thanks to all of you who took the time to look through these photographs and voice your opinions. I really appreciate your help in making these difficult choices! (via Michael Frye’s In the Moment: A Landscape Photography Blog)

  1. Image #14, Sunbeams from Tunnel View, 109 votes
  2. Image #20, Redwoods, ferns, and rhododendrons, 99 votes
  3. Image #38, Eastatoe Falls, Nantahala NF, NC, 98 votes
  4. Image #11, Double fall, Yosemite, 88 votes
  5. Image #19, Sunset at Tenaya Lake, 87 votes
  6. Image #1, Moonrise from Valley View, 81 votes
  7. Image #41, Oak tree and lunar eclipse sequence, Sierra foothills, 79 votes
  8. Image #18, Half Dome, oaks, and high water, 75 votes
  9. Image #15, Dogwoods in mist, Yosemite, 66 votes
  10. Image #32, Eastside aspen reflections, 56 votes

For those of you who are new, Michael is the author and creator of the Photographers Guide to Yosemite and the app for the iPhone of the same name. He’s also an instructor at the Ansel Adams Gallery and regularly shows his work at the gallery.

You can see all the Top 10 Images here and, if you’re interested you can check out the 41 that they were chosen from.

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